Intelek Smart Analytics

Data management software

Easily interact with the Golden Record

Intelek Data Manager allows business users without technical knowledge to comfortably navigate through their information system. You will be able to find the tables where the variables of your interest appear, visualize them without complications, and understand the relationships between different tables of the corporate model.

Variable CatalogKnow the data at your disposal

Business users will be able to have a catalog of all the corporate variables contained in the company's information system. This will allow them to have a quick view of the metrics and dimensions at their disposal in order to obtain a data-driven response to their business needs.

Table CatalogExplore corporate models

A well-designed information system will be composed of different corporate models, each containing different tables, and these in turn variables as columns. Our technology allows the user to navigate through this ocean of tables and easily find the variables that interest them, how they relate to other variables and tables, and to which corporate models they belong.

Table ViewerAnalyze the detail of your data

Any business user should always have easy access to information system data. Intelek Data Manager makes it very easy for you, with a viewer designed for business users, which allows you to navigate through all the tables of the corporate models and load them very quickly for a comfortable and efficient view of the data.

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