Enhancing businesses with data analytics

We accompany companies in the transformation process towards a Data Driven organization, applying artificial intelligence techniques, big data, and implementing data processing technologies.

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What makes us unique

We work on challenges combining business mindset, data science expertise and technology knowledge. This multidisciplinary approach allows us to talk directly with non-technical business people, understand the real needs of the company and proactively build powerful and scalable data solutions

Analytics Strategy

Identify, specify and prioritize your data opportunities

  • We interact with the people of the company to turn their needs into growth opportunities through data.

  • We built a roadmap to help you prioritize opportunities based on the economic impact they will have on your company.

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Data Preparation

From data to useful information

  • We apply data wrangling processes to clean and enrich your data.

  • We develop algorithms and ETL/ELT processes that allow us to transform data from different sources into useful information that can be analyzed by business users.

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Analytics Infrastructure

Data solutions architecture and deployment

  • We design the functional and technical architecture for a modern analytical ecosystem (storage and processing of massive data, industrialization of models and tools for the analysis and consumption of information).

  • We carry out deployments of these infrastructures in the cloud (AWS).

  • We structure the data with a business vision and establish the access and consumption policies of the same in the organization.

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Business Intelligence

Visualize your data and interact with it

  • We design and implement smart and interactive dashboards to guide decision-making through data.

  • We work with the business user, understanding their needs and being proactive in proposing solutions.

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Artificial Intelligence

Assist your decision making, products and processes with Machine Learning

We model your business data using Machine Learning and Big Data algorithms in order to help you understand, decide, predict and prescribe different business areas.

  • Data modeling: Understanding patterns in data and being able to predict their behavior

  • Algorithm Building: Complete solutions to business problems

  • Deployment in productive environments: Execution, monitoring and calibration of the algorithms on a day-to-day basis.

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Advanced Analytics Platform, which enables the comprehensive management of analytical needs for most organizations through open standards.


Intelek Smart Analytics

Designed to empower business users with advanced analytics, regardless of their technical level.

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We will be more than happy to listen you and turn your needs into data-driven growth opportunities for your business.

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