Tipologia Analytics Strategy

Our experts in business, data science and technology help companies to draw up the most appropriate strategy for transformation into a successful Data Driven organization. Taking into account the technological state of the company and the impact of the solutions on the business and P&L.

Corporate road map of opportunities Data Analytics

We have developed a roadmap that has made it possible to identify analytical opportunities within the entire organization, to adjust to the realistic context of the organization taking into account its possibilities, but also its limitations, and to arrange them in a cost-benefit matrix to maximize the impact on the P&L.

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Development partner and PMO of Data Driven strategy

Helping to execute part of the projects of the Analytics plan and to promote the cultural change of the organization towards a Data Driven company, we have achieved a high rate of use of the solutions putting the end user center stage. We have also replicated them in multiple areas of the organization to reduce costs and take advantage of benefits.

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