Tipologia Machine Learning and Algorithms

We help organizations to replace manual processes with algorithms that perform them automatically and to involve Machine Learning algorithms in their strategic and operational decision making, constantly relearning and improving the decision.

Automated management of the assortment at customers' facilities (optimal stock)

Being a purchasing center, we have developed the analytical solution that allows automating the supply of products to the central associates in an optimal way, minimizing the necessary stock and avoiding breakages.

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River flow forecast from sensors and weather forecast

Prenomics has helped the Public Administration to predict and estimate river flows in Catalonia to improve knowledge about the behavior of its rivers and anticipate possible flood catastrophes.

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Smart assistant to prioritize the preparation of orders in the factory

Being a production-to-order company, we have developed an analytical solution that, based on parameters of interest to the client, orders the orders to be addressed in the factory in real time, improving efficiency and giving the appropriate priority to each order.

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