Data analytics consulting

We curate and enrich your data to make them useful and actionable

Raw data only allow for a small part of their potential value. At Prenomics we enrich and curate your data to take advantage of up to 100% of their inherent value.

From data to insights

Surely you have already thought about certain processes or analytical applications to carry out with your information. But, due to lack of data correction, inheritance of manual processes, or lack of a critical part of the necessary data, this vision has not materialized.

At Prenomics we understand your needs, we materialize a viable technological solution and implement processes with the most widely used languages in the data industry (SQL, Python, R...), which automatically and recurrently generate new clean data prepared for your goals.


Data enrichment and cleansing

Data curation


The data available to the company have errors, inaccuracies, are incomplete or redundant, limiting the ability to make decisions from them easily.


Automatic cleaning of the data to facilitate decision-making based on them. Typically, these curation processes consist of eliminating/combining repeated records, correcting erroneous data, unifying categorical variables, completing the information, etc.

Variables engineering


Often, with the information available, you should be able to clearly see patterns in the data. However, after analyzing the data, nothing clear can be distilled. In these cases, it is often the case that the relevant variable is indirectly latent in your dataset.


We discover and devise relevant business variables, combining your data with external data from other relevant sources. To do so, we immerse ourselves in your context, whether it means to understand your sector dynamics, unique value chain, physics or chemistry rules, etc.

External data acquisition


Sometimes, the data you have is simply not enough to explain or predict an objective variable.


In these cases, we analyze from a business perspective which variables may make sense to incorporate, we find the ideal source to provide the data and we integrate it into our clients' decision-making processes.


Construction of data models for Data Warehouses (DWH)

Programming of ETL / ELT processes to provision new data models in a Data Warehouse in the cloud or in-house.

  • We approach the definition of the requirement together with the business actors, programming the transformation process in multiple layers and carrying out the final provisioning of the Data Warehouse.

  • We have extensive experience working with SQL, PL/SQL, Python and widely used orchestrators such as Apache Airflow, AWS Glue, Celery, etc.

Artificial Intelligence

  • In certain processes, we incorporate Artificial Intelligence techniques to process the data, clean it and/or obtain new variables or valuable content from it.

  • Some of the technologies we usually work with in this regard are NLP (Natural Language Processing), Sentiment Analysis, OCR, image recognition…

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