Sector Insurance

Prenomics has been working with the insurance industry since the very beginning of its activity. We are part of the analytics department of one of the most relevant insurers in Spain. We have implemented for partner insurers information systems that allow, beyond the unification of the data, to carry out forecast analysis and risk monitoring, recommending the products with the greatest probability of success for each client, etc.

Business Intelligence for the commercial area

We have developed an analytical solution that allows the commercial department of a large corporation to access sales transactional data. By preparing the data specifically for them, it allows them to offer the customer the most likely product to be successful in a simple and interactive way.

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Development partner and PMO of Data Driven strategy

Helping to execute part of the projects of the Analytics plan and to promote the cultural change of the organization towards a Data Driven company, we have achieved a high rate of use of the solutions putting the end user center stage. We have also replicated them in multiple areas of the organization to reduce costs and take advantage of benefits.

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