Sector Public administration

Prenomics promotes innovation and the adoption of new technologies in the Administration. Involved in projects related to the prediction of events for the improvement of risk prevention actions, the analysis of the impact of actions carried out by the authorities, up to the preparation and provision of data to facilitate Open Data for the citizen.

Unification of data and B.I in a Call Center for citizen attention

Prenomics has helped the Public Administration to optimize the telephone customer service for the resolution of doubts related to online procedures, thus improving the level of service perceived by the citizen.

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River flow forecast from sensors and weather forecast

Prenomics has helped the Public Administration to predict and estimate river flows in Catalonia to improve knowledge about the behavior of its rivers and anticipate possible flood catastrophes.

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B.I for the interactive analysis of incidents on the road network

We have enabled real-time analysis of the different types of incidents that arise on the road network to find out why and when they occur, with the aim of preventing and increasing the speed of action.

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Impact of police presence in reducing crime

Prenomics has helped the Public Administration to know the impact of the different routes of the police patrols regarding the reduction of crime in the city, taking into account its typologies and crime patterns to reduce crime.

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