Intelek Smart Analytics

Data governance software

Control and historical record of data access

Grant your users the necessary and sufficient permissions to access the data, limiting unwanted access and thus complying with the strictest data protection conditions. In addition, you will be able to consult up-to-date reports on when and how your data has been accessed.

Management of data access privileges

Manage and know in a transparent way the levels of access to the data that each professional in your organization has.

Data-level security

  • Control access to data at the highest level of detail:

  • Specifies the columns of a table that users can access.

  • Define read and modify permissions for each table.

  • Specify the rows of a table that you want users to have access to.

Table-level security

  • An access policy defines a set of privileges for a set of tables.

  • It can include read rights for some tables, modify for others, read but with row or column restrictions for some, etc.

System-level security

  • Conveniently manage the permissions you give each user:

  • Create as many roles as you want defined as a set of data access policies.

  • Assign one or multiple roles to each user, thus giving access to the data in the tables belonging to each policy.

  • Roles allow you to control access to data at the database level.

GDPR compliance

Within the GDPR scope there is sensitive information, the use of which must be highly identified and governed.

Access to information

From Intelek Governance it is possible to define information access permissions, for the assignment of which it is necessary to have an authorization for the treatment of the information.

In addition, the authorizations to access confidential data may be permanent or temporary, with an expiration date, upon which the data access permit will be automatically revoked.

Authorization request

  • Mark the variables of your corporate model that are confidential.

  • Create the usual types of data processing in your organization.

  • When an administrator assigns or a user requests an access role to data that contains sensitive variables, a reason and justification for accessing the data will be requested.

  • The users responsible for management will approve or reject the request.

Data access history

Any access to the data generates a permanent record with detailed information on:

  • What data has been accessed

  • Which user has accessed them and the date and time of access

  • Device information and geolocation from where the access has been made

  • For any of these accesses, in the case of confidential data, it can be traced which authorized analytical treatments support this access.

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