Data strategy consulting

Data-driven business consulting

Our experts in business, data science and technology will help you draw up the most appropriate strategy to transform yourself into a successful Data Driven organization.

Data at the core of your business

Data analysis has a lot of potential for companies, however it is shown that around 80% of these projects fail.

This reflects the complexity of identifying, evaluating and executing the organization's opportunities considering its activity and available data.

At Prenomics we provide a multidisciplinary vision that will help you find the best analytical opportunities.


Analytics Opportunity Map and Roadmap

We help you identify, assess and prioritize the different analytical opportunities of your organization over time.

When can it be useful

There is ambition to become “Data Driven” but it is unknown what to do and where to start.

Ideas for analytical projects are already there, but the resources needed, how to approach them and the results to be expected are unknown.

How do we do it?

We speak with the different actors of the organization, both business and technical, to understand their vision and needs.

We discover new areas of opportunity and proactively enrich the client's vision with our knowledge and experience.

We prioritize the opportunities over time, taking into account their viability and economic return, and finally we synthesize the information in a roadmap.

Results and impact


Discover the range of opportunities and growth scenarios for your company through data.


Action plan for analytical use cases that prioritizes based on viability and economic return.


You will obtain corporate actions adjusted to your organization to facilitate the cultural change necessary for success.

Tailor made solutions

If you have a clear objective to achieve through data or a specific challenge in the field of business strategy related to data, contact us and we will be happy to help you analyze it and draw up an action plan to achieve it.

We have experience working with organizations in different industries, sizes and levels of analytical maturity. We are convinced that we can find the most suitable solution for your challenge.

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We will be more than happy to listen you and turn your needs into data-driven growth opportunities for your business.

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