Tipologia Business Intelligence

Interactive analyzes designed to consume information from KPIs, graphs, maps, or tables. Thanks to their efficiency in processing large volumes of information, they allow the user to answer business questions by browsing with a few clicks or directly using natural language.

Unification of data and B.I in a Call Center for citizen attention

Prenomics has helped the Public Administration to optimize the telephone customer service for the resolution of doubts related to online procedures, thus improving the level of service perceived by the citizen.

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Productivity analysis and customer delivery times

We have developed a solution for a manufacturer of metal products that allows knowing and optimizing the production and distribution of products in real time, improving operations and reducing delivery times to improve the customer experience.

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B.I for the interactive analysis of incidents on the road network

We have enabled real-time analysis of the different types of incidents that arise on the road network to find out why and when they occur, with the aim of preventing and increasing the speed of action.

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Business Intelligence for the commercial area

We have developed an analytical solution that allows the commercial department of a large corporation to access sales transactional data. By preparing the data specifically for them, it allows them to offer the customer the most likely product to be successful in a simple and interactive way.

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