Sector Retail / B2C

Prenomics is driving the Retail and B2C sector to allow it to scale without losing personalized customer service with solutions such as product availability analysis or trademarketing to increase cross-selling in physical stores or customer segmentation and behavior analysis to improve your offer and customer experience in the online channel.

Supermarket price and offer monitoring in real time

Thanks to Intelek Data Collector and its functionality for Scraping, we have developed an analytical solution that allows us to have a comparative view of the price at which the different products are being sold and to easily identify the existing offers in the different categories in different establishments. It also allows you to trace the evolution of prices and offers of any product

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Real impact of actions on Instagram on multichannel sales

In the case of an E-commerce, we have developed an analytical solution that allows automated and integrated monitoring of sales in the different channels and geographies, understanding which actions (publications, stories, contests) are successful and for which segments, and detecting the amount of discount or promotion necessary to mobilize the different segments.

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