Intelek Smart Analytics

Business intelligence software

Unique data interaction experiences

Intelek Smart BI is a highly customizable and efficient data exploration and visualization software designed for non-technical business users. Either our team of consultants or your internal data scientists will be able to create the best data experience tailored to your company's needs.

Interactive analysisFast filtering

You can filter by clicking on a chart or using the advanced filter tool, selecting any available variable in the data model.

Smart editorOrganize your charts

Tabs allow you to consistently lay out multiple charts over a single data model. When you activate filters, they will apply to all tabs at once.

PersonalizationFavourite states

Once you have explored the analysis through different filters and arrived at the desired view, you can store it as a new filter state so that you can activate them all at once again in the future.

More features

Export charts

Any graphic can be exported to different formats (png, jpg, csv) and downloaded to your computer for external use.

In real time

If you consider a visualization to be critical for your business, you can add it to a dashboard to follow it in real time or create alerts.

Distribute the space

Resize any analysis visualization and organize the space to your liking by dragging and dropping elements.

Load data by periods

With the fast data loading buttons it is very easy to change the analysis period, according to the year, the last weeks, months, etc.

Swap variables

Analyze two or more metrics or dimensions leveraging the same visualizations with a variable swap button.

100% responsive

Access your data from any device, dynamically adjusting views to devices of any size.

Smart EditorSuggested Graphics

Select any variable available in your data model and the system will automatically suggest the best visualization. You can always change it for the one you prefer.

Smart EditorAdd filters

If the data you want to display is only part of the data model, you can add a filter that only affects a specific chart.

Smart editorTransform variables

By applying transformations to the variables available in your data model you can generate new variables to create different visualizations.

Smart EditorCustomize the chart

Once you have generated the desired visualization, you can very easily customize different properties of it.


  • Set up alerts that monitor your data and trigger notifications when events you define happen.

  • Receive notifications by E-mail, Telegram, WhatsApp, Slack or Teams, with the frequency that you define.

  • Check through the application the status of an alert, its notification history, as well as the evolution of the metric that is being monitored.

  • You can also periodically receive the graphs you choose from your Dashboards on your mobile, with up-to-the-minute data.

User Management and Branding

You have the possibility of assigning different user roles to both internal and external professionals in your organization so that they have access to the set of data you want. Also, you will show the interface with the branding of your company.

User levels

  • Administrator: Manage the users of your organization and the Data Governance. Activate new data sources to enrich your Information System

  • Analyst: Connect directly to the Data Warehouse, only to the data you have permission to view. In addition, with Intelek JHub you can have unlimited computational power and on demand.

  • Editor: Create new analyzes and dashboards on the Information System data models and upload new data tables to the system.

  • Consumer: Interact and explore data through dashboards, receive regular notifications and reports.

3rd party organization

  • Guest users: this functionality will allow you to offer your clients personalized dashboards for monitoring and reporting the service you are providing.

  • Corporate branding: we customize the application with your corporate colors and logo to increase the value of your brand.

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