Intelek Data Pipes

Data analytics software

Advanced analytics and AI in the cloud

Run analytical processes in the cloud without the need to provision servers or manage infrastructure. In addition, you will save money by paying only for the computing capacity used.

Deployment of algorithms in a cloud environment

Intelek compute module allows you to maintain a registry of algorithms by linking to git code repositories. Once your algorithms have been defined and the parameters they require have been declared, you can create execution tasks, defining the branch of the repository to use, the algorithms to execute, the appropriate parameter values ​​and the execution time using crontab-type rules.


Algorithm registry

Upload algorithms manually or select them by browsing git repositories:

  • Github, GitLab, Bitbucket, or CodeCommit.

  • SQL scripts, Python, or Jupyter notebooks.


Task definition

Create your execution tasks based on the algorithm registry.

  • Choose the algorithms and the order of execution.

  • If you have parameterized algorithms, define the parameter values ​​to be injected.

User permissions

User grants for allowing the deployment of algorithms.

Resource allocation

Computing resources limits at user or group level.

User groups

Grant task execution rights to groups of users.

Monitoring and execution statistics of tasks and algorithms: 

  • Real-time inishgts of the status of the executions in progress. 

  • Tasks execution history 

    • Errors, type and detail of errors 

    • Duration of executions 

    • Access to the logs issued by the algorithms. 

  • Global CPU-usage statistics of the computing module. 

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