Data architecture consulting

We design the analytical infrastructure of your organization

We define the logic flow your data follows and we create a central data repository that contains the information of the entire organization, the Data Warehouse.

Empowering the entire organization to exploit data autonomously

Most companies have their data scattered in different management software, excel sheets and other data systems, independent and isolated from each other.

The analysis and exploitation of your data requires hours of manual work, by highly qualified people, cleaning and restructuring the data.

At Prenomics we provide a solution to this situation, defining and implementing a central data repository, the processes to feed it in real time and the data exploitation tools for both business users and data analyst profile users.


Informational System Definition

Considering the present and future needs of the organization, we specify how its Corporate Information System should be structured and function. We generate the documentation and technical specifications that will allow it to be implemented successfully, as well as to evolve it.

Structure of the Corporate Information

  • We understand the company’s multiple data sources, it’s core business, and the aspirational analytics use cases.

  • We created a style guide with schema, table, and variable nomenclature to give coherence to the different data.

  • We define the global Data Catalogue, with the detail of tables and variables, as well as the level of historical depth that the tables must have.

Data capture and processing

  • We define the different compartments through which the data must pass to guarantee robustness, security, and desired uses.

  • We specify the data upload frequency policy and the technical approach (batch vs streaming).

  • We define the coding style and structure to assure robustness and coherence across different provisioning processes.

Govenance and data compliance

  • We define the different levels of access to information with a robust and manageable structure.

  • We define how to grant access to users, duly documenting the uses that are made.

Consumption and analysis

  • We identify the most appropriate analytical tools for the use of information by business users and advanced analytical users.

  • We define how the advanced analytical users of the organization will be able to access the data, build new use cases and share them with the rest of the organization.


Technological Specification

Data Lake and Data Warehouse

  • Selection of the most suitable data storage technologies for each client.

  • Specification of the database configuration to guarantee the maximum performance in the query of information.

Data loading and processing

  • Selection of the most appropriate ETL or ELT tools to load the Data Warehouse (in batch or streaming).

  • Specification of the deployment in a production environment.


Cloud implementation

We deploy the necessary cloud infrastructure to store the data.

Technology deployment (AWS)

  • Secured cloud environment configuration.

  • Deployment of reception technologies, data storage and provisioning of the Data Warehouse.

  • Deployment of information consumption technologies and execution of user processes (ETLs/ELTs and MLOps).

Configuration as defined

  • Structuring of the database and execution of processes according to the style guide.

  • Preparation of the different schemas, tables, indexes and roles.

  • Loading of ETLs/ELTs, ML processes in the environment and assigning permissions to users.

Development of transformation and loading scripts (ETL / ELT)

  • Construction of information extraction, transformation and loading processes.

  • Provisioning of the data warehouse with historical information and on real-time.

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