Sector Hospitality

Prenomics is a key player in the resurrection of the HORECA and Tourism sector after Covid-19. With demand predictions and operations assistants, services are optimized and costs and waste generated are reduced, while with customer segmentation, and behavioral analysis, we get to know the customer better and improve the offer to maximize sales. We have experience too in the field of dynamic pricing, being able to maximize the total revenue obtained for a limited asset.

Demand forecast and pre-preparation recommendations for a chain of restaurants

We have developed an analytical solution capable of predicting the customer demand that a restaurant will face and of generating preparation and pre-production recommendations that guarantee the success of the service in terms of time and quality.

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Maximizing online travel repeat purchases

Being an online travel agency, we have developed an analytical solution that allows us to analyze the behavior of buyers and detect the parameters that have the most weight on repeat purchases, thus understanding the reason for repeat purchases and allowing them to be maximized.

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