Junior Frontend Developer

Prenomics helps companies in all sectors exploit their data in order to solve the most outstanding challenges. We are a Data Science start up which combines consultancy services with the development of our own AI technology.

What you will do:

  • Development of our analytics & AI platform / web-app in Angular 8/9.
  • Testing the app with frameworks like Protractor, Jasmine, Karma, etc.
  • Working on new visualizations with d3.js, svg, canvas, webgl.
  • Development of our mobile app with Flutter.
  • Using several very powerful js libraries.
  • Anything cool related to latest developments in frontend tech.


  • Passionate about frontend development.
  • Interest, knowledge or, even better, some hands-on experience with a frontend framework like Angular, React, Vue, Knockout, Backbone, etc.
  • Javascript is your second mother tongue, english is overrated.
  • Extra kudos if you have experience with Typescript, Webpack, Gulp, Jasmine, Karma, Protractor, d3.js, svg, canvas, Git, NPM, Yarn, AWS, ...

Life at Prenomics:

  • Work with state-of-the-art technologies: Angular8/9, Flutter, Python, AWS, Redshift, Spark, SciKit Learn, Tensorflow, +more (whatever you might suggest).
  • Flexible working hours / holidays calendar.
  • Unlimited supply of de/caffeinated and non/sugary beverages.
  • Weekly hours devoted to learning and discussing new technologies.
  • Join an innovative data science startup with several ongoing awesome projects.


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